MUNCIE, Ind. — A Richmond man found guilty of trafficking heroin into Muncie on a weekly basis was sentenced to six years in prison with all time suspended and served on probation instead of behind bars.

Rodre Blackburn was arrested in 2017 after Muncie police were tipped off about Blackburn making weekly trips from Richmond to Muncie in order to traffic drugs.

Blackburn was searched and found to have 163 vials of heroin hidden on his person, police said.

Blackburn reportedly admitted to police during an interview to trafficking heroin into Muncie on a weekly basis, estimating that he’d brought upwards of 500 vials of heroin to the city and that he made up to $3,000 a week to deliver and sell the drugs.

Blackburn ended up being found guilty of dealing in cocaine, a Level 3 felony. His six-year sentence was suspended to be served on supervised probation.