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PERU, Ind. — A mysterious search in Miami County continued Tuesday with investigators from the Indiana State Police combing through a section of the Wabash River. 

As FOX59 previously reported, this search has been linked to the Delphi murder investigation by a podcast that reports on the killings.

Members of ISP have spent the last couple weeks searching through the shallow waters of the river in Peru. During today’s search, they used metal detectors and scuba gear and it appears they still haven’t found whatever they’re looking for.

“They started kind of on the side the first day. I walked by there was maybe 10 guys on the same outfits and I was kind of curious about what’s going on,“ said Dave Noonan who lives in Peru.

Noonan walks on the trails that pass by the search area nearly every day.

“As time progresses they kind of work their way out and of course you notice all the state police cars over here on the side,” Noonan added.

The search area is just two miles from the home of Kegan Kline, which was raided in the weeks after the bodies of Abby Williams and Libby German were discovered murdered in Delphi. 

Kline’s name first surfaced in court documents, which state investigators allege he was communicating via social media with Libby the night before the girls were killed and made plans to meet the 14-year-old on the bridge during a day off from school.

Kline is currently facing dozens of charges for child porn and has been linked to the Delphi investigation, but has not been charged with the murders.

“Our understanding from anonymous sources is that search is connected to something involving Kegan Kline,” said Aine Cain with The Murder Sheet podcast during an interview on August 24.

The Murder Sheet podcast recently uncovered court filings that show Kline was temporarily transferred to Indiana State Police custody earlier this month. Following that transfer, the search of the river began and the podcasters were there as it started.

Indiana State Police wouldn’t comment on what they’re doing here or what they’re looking for at this time. They did not also given an indication on how long they will continue to search the river.

Again, Kline has not been charged in connection to the Delphi murders.