Search is on for 2 men accused of shooting at IMPD officer near 25th and Post

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INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD is searching for two males accused of shooting at an officer Tuesday morning.

Police say it began with a report just after 2 a.m. of two people looking into cars near 25th and Post Road.

IMPD officers spotted two males matching the description near Post and Neptune Drive. They say the men shot at an IMPD officer and actually struck an unmarked IMPD vehicle several times.

The men ran off but not before one dropped a handgun on the ground.

Investigators have deployed K-9s and drones as they continue their search for the two men.

“So if anyone in this neighborhood happened to see them, we’d appreciate a call,” began IMPD Nightwatch Commander Kerry Buckner. “I would caution the people that live in this neighborhood that are going to work early this morning that they should probably look at their surroundings before they just come out of their house and get in a car because they [the men on the run] may be looking for a car to take.”

It’s unclear how old the suspects are, but juveniles have been connected to a rise in carjackings in Indianapolis.

“I would ask that the parents keep track of their children, because the carjackings are up and a large percentage of our carjackings are done by juveniles. So I can’t understand how parents don’t know that their kids are committing violent crimes out in public,” said Buckner.

As school buses begin their routes, police say they’ll contact Warren Township School to let them know about the search for the two suspects.

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