CONNERSVILLE, Ind. — The community of Connersville, Indiana is shaken up after a dead body was found by police Saturday near a local cemetery, the second body found near a cemetery in the area in less than a month.

The most recent body was found just before 8 a.m. Saturday morning, when officers with the Connersville Police Department discovered a man dead in the 1300 block of Grand Avenue. CPD says that both bodies were found under suspicious circumstances.

Connersville resident Cheyanne McQueen walks with her son through the city cemetery nearly every day.

“I get my steps in,” she said. “He plays his game.”

But what McQueen saw this morning when she headed out for that daily walk stopped her in her tracks.

“They had a body bag on a gurney,” she said. “And there was two people in the white coats or shirts that were pushing the gurney and they pushed it away.”

Neighbors in the area said that crime scene tape surrounded a home right across the street from the graveyard. Crystal Spears and her husband were awoken by knocks at their door from the police.

Spears said she heard several loud bangs the night before, but thought it was fireworks.

“It was like a boom,” she said. “And then, boom boom boom. I had no idea we’d be waking up to find that.”

The noises turned out to be gunshots, with one of the bullets slicing through their neighbor’s gutter. In total, Spears said they heard 8 or 9 shots, and that their sense of safety is now gone.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” she said. “It’s so terrifying and heartbreaking that could happen in a quiet neighborhood.”

CPD officers are only calling this a “suspicious death investigation” and did not release much beyond that.
Many in the area said they were already on edge after a man was found shot to death in a cemetery just outside of town last month.

“It’s bizarre,” Spears said. “It’s truly bizarre.”

Connersville police said the department is still working to identify the man who was found dead. Indiana State Police are assisting with the investigation along with the Fayette County Coroner.