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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is in jail accused of murder and conspiracy to commit murder following a deadly shooting near I-70 and Emerson.

Marvin Golden is now the second person arrested for that killing.

Riddled with at least a half dozen bullets, a car crashed and flipped over on Emerson Avenue after being shot on I-70 in late March.

The driver, 30-year-old Anthony Shelman Jr., died from a gunshot wound to the chest. A passenger was wounded after being hit in the hand.

Booking photo for Julius Willis

In April, Indiana state police arrested Julius Willis for murder and attempted murder. They claim he trailed the victim from the Sunset Club on 16th Street all the way to Emerson on the east side.

Court records show during a search of Willis’s home police recovered a 9mm handgun hidden in the attic.

This week the State Crime Lab ruled that firearm did not match the weapon that fired the fatal shot.

After that discovery, police arrested a second suspect, Marvin Golden, for murder and conspiracy.  Police claim he too followed the victim in a third car from the club to Emerson.

State police believe a gun seized during a search of Golden’s home matches the caliber that killed Shelman.

Booking photo for Marvin Golden

While it’s not clear who fired the fatal shots, charging the suspect’s with conspiracy could allow both to be held accountable.

“There could be a reasonable doubt on both suspects for the murder and both could be acquitted because the jury can’t figure out who committed the act. At the same the jury could convict both of conspiracy because they were both involved in the planning,” said attorney John Tompkins.

While neither Willis or Golden admitted taking part in the shooting, court records show the two suspects did know each other.

The affidavit claims video footage from a WatchTower camera shows Willis and another man cleaning out the inside of a car that matches the Buick allegedly driven by Golden the night of the shooting.

Attorney John Tompkins has represented Golden in the past. He said conspiracy requires more than just talking about committing a crime.

“You can script an entire movie about robbing a bank and killing everyone and you have not committed a crime. You have to commit a step in furtherance of the crime,” said Tompkins.

Tompkins questions why the affidavit filed against Willis did not initially mention the presence of Golden’s car following Shelman the night of the shooting.

For now only Golden is accused of conspiracy to commit murder. The prosecutor did not answer our question about whether the charges against Willis will be amended to include conspiracy, but says the investigation is ongoing.

Both suspects are being held without bond while the investigation continues.