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INDIANAPOLIS — A man was found not guilty Tuesday in the shooting death of a 25-year-old woman in August of 2020.

Prosecutors said Melvin Hall was working as a private security guard when he shot and killed Naytasia Williams at The Towne and Terrace apartment complex near 42nd and Post.

According to court documents, the shooting took place after a verbal argument between Williams and another person inside the complex.

The Marion County jury handed down the verdict Tuesday night after just a day and a half of testimony.

“I expected better results,” said Naytasia’s mother Tina Kyung Williams.  “I don’t feel like this was a self-defense.”

According to court records, several witnesses confirmed Williams had a gun in her car but didn’t see her point the weapon at the suspect, Melvin Hall Junior.

In addition to murder, Tina Williams wishes prosecutors would have also filed a lesser charge against Hall.

“I’m very disappointed about that. I feel very neglected they didn’t pick up the charge of recklessness for at least some type of justice,” said Williams.

While prosecutor Ryan Mears wasn’t available for comment, a spokesman in the office sent a written statement that read:

Deputy prosecutors, victim advocates, and investigators worked diligently to bring a challenging case before a jury. Our focus now is to provide the Naytasia’s family with the support they need during this extremely difficult time.

Hall’s attorney also sent a written statement that read:

Mr. Hall responded in self-defense for the safety of himself and others. A jury of Mr. Hall’s peers listened to the evidence and found that Mr. Hall’s use of self-defense and defense of others was proper under the circumstances.

In 2017 Hall was also found not guilty of impersonating a police officer.

As for Naytasia’s mom, her pain will never go away.

“I don’t think that wound will ever close. This is my companion and I had my life planned with her,” said Williams.

The latest not guilty verdict of murder comes as Williams’ family sues Towne and Terrace and the city of Indianapolis.

“The fight is definitely not over. Hopefully, someone sees the importance of justice being served,” said Williams.

Because it was just filed this month, there is no timeline for how when the civil case against hall could go to trial.