INDIANAPOLIS — Two investigations are underway by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department homicide detectives after two people were killed in separate shootings.

On Thursday morning, just after 6 a.m., IMPD East District officers responded to the 7300 block of Taos Trail to check the welfare of a person. According to police, officers found a man unresponsive, suffering from at least one gunshot wound.

The victim, 32-year-old Samuel Reeder, was pronounced dead at the scene by the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD), according to IMPD.

Little information has been shared publicly on the case, however, investigators said they do not believe there is any threat to the public. Still, no arrest has been made, so they’re asking anyone with information to come forward.

“Our detectives need all of the help from the community. We can’t solve a lot of these cases without the community,” said officer William Young.

Police have shared, there is always someone who knows something. They’re asking these people to step up with information in this and any unsolved case, not for police, but for victims and their families.

“No family should have to go through that. I’ve experienced that in my own family, where I’ve lost people in my own family due to homicide. It’s certainly a terrible thing to have to go through and then when you know people have information and they’re not coming forward with it,” said Young.

He said it is just as important that IMPD stands with the community, as the community does with its officers and detectives.

“Our police department will continue to work these cases until we hold those accountable, responsible,” said Young.

Homicide investigators found themselves at another scene just hours later on Thursday evening.

IMPD Southeast District officers were called to the 300 block of Teddy Lane just before 5 p.m. for a report of a person shot. According to IMPD, medics with Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services (IEMS) pronounced the victim dead shortly after arriving at the scene.

“We share the same frustration that the community does. No family should have to go through this,” Young said.

IMPD said officers found the victim, 52-year-old Rhonda Fox, suffering from at least one gunshot wound. She was found in the driver’s seat of a car, which appeared to have also struck a parked car.

“There’s a lot of people out here and this is somewhat of a heavily traveled area,” said Young.

According to IMPD, officers canvassed the busy scene and were able to identify and speak with a person of interest in the case. Police have only said the person of interest is a male, but did not share age or whether there is a relationship to the victim.

IMPD said in this case, they also don’t believe there to be any immediate threat to the area. They’re trying to encourage people to resolve conflict without resorting to violence.

It’s that same message echoed by resident Ray Hillsman, who lives nearby and returned home from work to see the scene Thursday evening.

“People don’t respect other people’s lives and it really just don’t make a lot of sense,” said Hillsman. “You have to be responsible for your actions and conflict is something that can be avoided if you just take the time to think.”

“Nothing is worth taking another person’s life over,” Hillsman added.

Hillsman said, he believes people fail to remember that when they commit a crime like this, they’re not only taking another person’s life, but the consequences could be detrimental for them, too.

“You gotta realize what you’re doing to somebody and what you’re doing to your family, because I mean, the person that’s lost you’ve harmed their family, but then the person that done it, look at how their people feel,” Hillsman added. “It’s a really sad situation. It’s a no-win situation no matter how you look at it.”

“It’s sad because life is too short and then somebody’s life is taken, and then the person that has done it, their life is ruined,” he said.

Hillsman said he feels sorry for the family of the victim. He returned from babysitting his grandchildren on Thursday afternoon and said his mind instantly wandered to what could’ve happened if there were children outside when this happened.

“People that aren’t responsible, they’re just shooting bullets. Bullets don’t have eyes, so they’re going everywhere,” said Hillsman. “It’s hard to understand and comprehend why we just can’t settle things without guns.”

Anyone with information on the Teddy Lane shooting can contact Detective Eric Amos at or by phone at 317-327-3475.

Additionally, anyone with information on the Taos Trail shooting investigation can contact detective Brad Nuetzman via email at or by phone at 317-327-3475.

Those wishing to remain anonymous, but have information that may help investigators, can contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS (8477).