INDIANAPOLIS — A former paramedic with the White River Township Fire Protection District reportedly told police that a 9-year-old girl “did the right thing” by telling a school teacher about how he made a “routine” of touching her inappropriately.

Anthony Henson, 47, of Indianapolis, faces seven counts of child molestation. Henson’s most serious charge is a Level 1 felony, which is punishable by between 20 and 40 years in prison if convicted.

White River Township Fire Chief Jeremy Pell confirmed Henson had been a paramedic for the district up until he was terminated once Pell learned of Henson’s arrest.

Anthony Henson

According to court documents, a DCS case manager reached out to detectives on Nov. 3 after the young girl disclosed to a school teacher that she had been touched inappropriately by Henson. The school had been holding a body safety class that led to the girl disclosing on a Google form that she had been touched by an adult.

The girl reportedly said Henson had touched her many times, stating it was “over and over and over and over.” The child also reportedly told the child forensic interviewer that Henson made her touch his privates as well as touching her own both over and under her clothes.

The girl said she was afraid to tell anyone about Henson’s touching because she was afraid and thought she’d get in trouble.

Court documents reveal Henson was interviewed by police but initially denied touching the 9-year-old inappropriately and asked for a lawyer.

After Henson was arrested, however, he reportedly asked to speak to detectives while in jail and said he “wanted to sign a confession.” Court documents state that Henson retracted his earlier demand for an attorney and, in a taped interview, admitted to touching the child both over and under her clothes.

Henson reportedly even commended the 9-year-old for reporting his actions, stating she “did the right thing” and that she was “completely harmless in this.”

Henson agreed to sign a written statement of his confession, according to the court documents.

CORRECTION: Henson is a paramedic with the White River Township Fire Protection District, not a firefighter. This story has been corrected to reflect this.