GREENWOOD, Ind. — Shoppers filled Greenwood Park Mall Tuesday as they made returns and did extra holiday shopping. Police are still looking into what led up to shots being fired outside the mall Friday and causing panic inside the stores.

The panic came just more than five months after a shooter killed three people in the mall food court before being taken out by a bystander himself.

Both times, the mall turned into chaos with shoppers trying to get out or hide in stores.

”You could see just the chaos from the people, the pizza on the floor, drinks on the floor, all the food was left where people just ran because they were just terrified,” said April Hinchman. Hinchman was doing some last-minute holiday shopping Friday night with her two kids, 12-year-old Lincoln and 10-year-old Lucy.

April said they were walking to the food court for dinner when the panic started.

”When we walked out of the store and turned toward the food court we just saw a wave of people running at us,” Lincoln said.

At first, April said she thought it was a fight but with people running in multiple directions she grabbed her kids and hid in a Yankee Candle Shop.

”It’s just trying to figure out what we do, what’s going on,” April said. “Obviously, we have no idea what’s going on but we know there are a ton of people running away from the food court.”

Greenwood Police said the chaos was caused by shots fired in the parking lot near Dicks Sporting Goods and the building where Sears used to be. A group of people started firing multiple shots at each other.

All of this happened, with the memory of those killed in the July shooting still fresh in peoples’ minds.

”We didn’t come for like a month, two months,” said Royal Barron. She was at the Greenwood Park Mall Tuesday with her friend.

Barron said she didn’t know about the Friday shooting until we told her.

”Not at all, we probably wouldn’t have come today,” she said.

Now she said it’ll be a while before she comes back again and she hopes more security will be added to the mall.

”For this to continue to keep happening, I definitely feel like they need more security,” Barron said.

Others said the July shooting and what happened Friday crosses their mind but they still trust the area.

”It wasn’t enough to keep me from coming back,” said John Kamman. “I think the area is pretty safe, I think the mall is pretty safe.”

Kamman was at the mall Tuesday doing some shopping. He said he grew up in the area and will continue going to the mall.

”Living in fear, I don’t think that’s good for anybody,” he said. “I don’t want to live that way, I know that.”

Greenwood Police have not provided any information on suspects or their vehicles.

License Plate Readers were installed in the mall parking lot earlier in 2022 but police said it’s too soon to tell if those were able to pick up any suspect information Friday night.

Despite this latest incident at the mall, April said they do most of their shopping there and they will return.

”Any time I go to that mall, I’m going to have that in the back of my mind, that that sort of thing might happen,” she said. “But to be honest with you, I’ll probably have that in the back of my mind no matter what mall I go to.”

There was no word from police Tuesday on when there might be an update on the shots fired incident, a spokesperson said detectives are working on the case.