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FISHERS, Ind. — Two homes, a minivan and car are damaged after shots were fired in an area close to Fishers High School late Monday evening.

”It’s completely destroyed my wife and I’s feeling of safety in our home,” said Jeremy Himmelright, the man who lives in one of the homes that was hit.

Himmelright said he and his family were all in bed Monday night when bullets struck the house.

”I threw my wife and I to the floor, I heard the glass breaking so I knew it had hit,” Himmelright said.

He, his wife and their four and five-year-old were all okay. The bullets hit on and around their front door, their cars and garage door.

”I don’t think it’s just us shaken, I think the whole neighborhood is just like, ‘What in the heck is going on?’” Himmelright said.

Several neighbors we heard from said they heard the gunfire. Fishers PD said officers responded to several 911 calls about shots fired in the area of E. 131st Street and Promise Road around 11:13 p.m. Himmelright’s home is on the 10900 block of Veon Dr.

Bullets shattered the back window of their van and hit its taillight. Another family car also has a bullet hole it it. There are two bullet holes in the garage door. Himmelright said the motor must’ve been hit because now the door will not open.

Scariest of all, four bullet holes are on and around the front door. Two in the door, one to the left and another right by the porch light.

A house behind the Himmelright’s home was also hit. Himmelright thinks a bullet could have passed through his home and into the other one.

”It went through our door, bathroom door, our interior wall, all the way about a block away through their interior wall too,” he said.

On top of the garage doors, cars and walls all hit by bullets, Himmelright said gunfire also went through coats in their coat closet and their washer and dryer.

Himmelright thinks this shooting was intended to hurt someone.

”The grouping is basically at chest level at a door and they fired here first,” he said, pointing at the cars. “Which leads me to believe they’re trying to draw someone to the door.”

Himmelright and his family don’t know why anyone would want hurt them, though.

”I have no idea, we have absolutely no idea,” Himmelright said. “This is beyond unreal for us. We were happily living quietly, we have absolutely no known enemies or anything like that.”

He said one of his neighbors heard tires squealing after the shooting.

Major Mike Janes with Fishers PD said a situation like this is unusual for Fishers and the quiet street where it happened.

”It is a rare occurrence but it’s one that we’re prepared for,” Janes said.

He said investigators aren’t ready to release a suspect or vehicle description yet.

”We don’t have the facts and it would certainly be premature to say it was a targeted attack,” Janes said.

Janes said police responded and made sure the family was safe first. From there they went to collect evidence, digging bullet fragments out of the house and finding shell casings.

”Even the smallest thing could provide us evidence, it could be DNA that’s left on a shell casing, it could be a fingerprint,” Janes said

Fishers PD is asking for anyone with any security cameras near where the shooting happened to check them.

”Anybody in that neighborhood, because they could have been on another street just prior to that,” Janes said.

Himmelright said the shooting could have been worse, he is usually outside walking the family dog around the time the shots were fired.

“I’m just thankful I had a headache that day and went to bed,” he said.

He and the Fishers Police hope anyone with information about what happened will come forward.

”We all want to live in a safe place and this is just unacceptable,” Himmelright said.

Investigators are asking anyone that has information to contact Detective/Sergeant Robbie Ruble at (317) 595-3319.