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INDIANAPOLIS — Fred Farmer was a creature of habit. A retired autoworker, he would go hunting and fishing and show up every Wednesday for dollar beers at a west side American Legion hall.

So when Farmer went missing in November of 2019, friends and family began to wonder what happened and suspected his son knew more than he was telling.

Jeremy Farmer, 36, has been arrested for his father’s murder, though detectives don’t have Fred’s body, a murder scene or a murder weapon.

What they say they do have is evidence that Jeremy cleaned out his father’s bank account, drove his truck, used his credit card and likely had possession of his cell phone and was sending phony text messages to family and friends for two months after the disappearance.

During an event to honor Fred and call for clues to his disappearance a year ago at the Hold Road American Legion, those friends and Fred’s daughters took the microphone to tell stories about the missing man.

Jeremy quietly sat at a table and refused to join in with the conversations.

“He didn’t say a word,” said Susan Schilling, a friend of Fred’s for 20 years. “He wasn’t interacting with anyone like we all were. We all were sad, and we were crying and were upset that Fred was gone, and he didn’t really act like he cared.”

Fred’s daughters began having doubts about Jeremy.

“I’m thankful that we have Jeremy behind bars, but my heart hurts for my mother, my heart hurts for my grandma because it really ripped our family apart,” said Tricia Farmer.

“There is somebody else out there who knows what happened to my dad,” said Christina Farmer, “and I know that he will be watching this, and I’m going to tell you and him, he will personally be held accountable as well for being involved.”

Fred had told friends that he was willing to invest in a business to help his son get his life back together and that Jeremy had stolen from him before and, if it happened again, the father would turn him in.

During questioning a year ago, IMPD detectives say Jeremy refused to answer when confronted with evidence of his financial misappropriations and immediately checked himself into a hospital.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Fred Farmer on the west side of Indianapolis in the fall of 2019, call Crimestoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.