INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Police announced the arrest of nine people after a police operation busted a large, illegal sideshow — or street takeover — that included illegal street racing and spinning in Indianapolis.

According to Indiana State Police, a national trend of street racing, street takeovers or sideshows, and spinning has gained the attention of law enforcement. Within the past year, state police and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department have reported making more than 40 arrests and recovered more than 80 stolen vehicles after targeting these illegal gatherings across the Indianapolis area.

On March 4, police descended on a private parking lot located near 34th and Lafayette Road on Indy’s west side where a large, illegal gathering of cars was underway. Police said the owner of the parking lot did not grant permission for the event and told police he recently spent more than $60,000 on resurfacing and painting his parking lot which was now heavily damaged by spinning and other vehicle spectacles associated with sideshows.

State police said more than 100 cars were at the spinning gathering at 34th and Lafayette on March 4. Vehicles were illegally blocking roads and parking lots while bystanders reportedly put themselves in dangerous positions trying to touch or record spinning cars, or cars doing doughnuts.

State police used helicopters to help chase down vehicles that attempted to flee from the officers who descended on the illegal gathering.

Police announced nine arrests related to the March 4 bust:

Luis F. Campillo, 18, was also arrested and charged with criminal recklessness. A booking photo of Campillo was not available.

Police said investigations into these illegal gatherings continue as law enforcement cracks down across Indianapolis on these sideshows and illegal street racing. Police expect more arrests to come as a result of the March 4 bust.

“The Indiana State Police will continue to commit necessary resources to target these illegal and dangerous events,” said Lieutenant Jeff Hearon with Indiana State Police.

“Legitimate car clubs, concerned citizens and community members have played a vital role in providing information to assist detectives with these investigations. The disregard for public safety and personal property shown by these groups is egregious, and we are committed to holding them accountable for their reckless behavior.”