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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (November 11, 2015) – Indianapolis police are searching for several suspects after a burglary on the city’s northeast side.

According to police, several suspects broke into a home in the 5700 block of San Clemente Drive around 5:30 Tuesday morning while the residents slept.

The suspects stole the victim’s car, credit cards, computer, and cell phone among other items.

The burglars broke into the home despite home security signs posted in front of the home.

Along with valuable items, the burglars also snatched Jacola Searsbrook’s peace of mind.

“They came in through the patio door,” said Searsbrook.

Surveillance pictures from inside the home show several people inside  Searsbrook’s living room.  It appears some of the thieves entered through the now reinforced patio door and then opened the front door for others to enter.

“They didn’t hurry or worry,” said Searsbrook.

Her plants were knocked over during the break-in and the dirt footprints were still fresh on the carpet.

“They took headphones, computers and other electronics.”

According to Searsbrook, they stole anything and everything they get could their hands on.

“I looked at the pictures and I could see he had my purse in his hand,” said Searsbrook.

While Searsbrook and her daughters slept, a nightmare was unfolding in the family room.

“We didn’t hear anything.  I just really think it could have been different if my kids or me had woken up,”said Searsbrook.

Searsbrook says she knew something was wrong when the cell phone she sleeps with was gone.

“What would have they had to have done if I woke up and saw their faces?  They would have probably had to cause harm to me,” said Searsbrook.

Police say there have been six break-ins at Cottages of Fall Creek Apartments within the month.

Searsbrook’s silver Chrysler Sebring was also stolen during the burglary.

If you recognize these suspects or have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 222-TIPS.