MUNCIE, Ind. – An Anderson man accused of robbing a Delaware County truck stop thanked the employee who handed over hundreds of dollars at gunpoint.

Police caught the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Nicholas Morrow after a chase.

According to court documents, Morrow took $1,400 from the Petro Truck Stop located at 14000 W. SR 28 in Muncie. It happened around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 9.

The cashier told police she saw a customer who looked like he needed help. When she asked if he needed something, he said, “You can give me all of your money out of the register,” according to court documents. He also pulled out a pistol.

The cashier asked Morrow if he was stupid. He replied by saying, “Ain’t nothing against you, we just all trying to make a living out here.”

The woman took money out of the cash register and gave it to Morrow. She then emptied a second register at his request.

“Thanks,” Morrow told the woman after robbing her, according to court documents.

Surveillance video of the encounter confirmed the worker’s account, police said. It showed a man with a black baseball hat, hooded sweatshirt, light-colored jeans and black shoes walk up to the counter and draw a gun before the cashier handed over money.

The man then got into a gray Hyundai sedan that sped away from the truck stop.

Shortly after the robbery, officers spotted the Hyundai, leading to a chase. The pursuit ended when the car ran off the road near Nebo and River roads just north of the White River.

The vehicle was empty when police found it.

After a search of the area, they located Morrow in the 5900 block of West Gray Street in Yorktown; he matched the description of the robber and wore clothes similar to those described by the cashier. His shoes and pants were sopping wet and covered in mud, as Morrow had run south through the river in hopes of avoiding capture.

Police found Morrow’s paper ID from the Indiana BMV in the front passenger side of the car, according to court documents.

A witness reported seeing two people run away from the car after it crashed. Police didn’t find the second individual described by the witness. In addition, the search didn’t turn up the gun used in the robbery.

Morrow requested a lawyer and didn’t make a statement after being taken into custody, according to court documents. He was arrested preliminary charges of robbery, possession of a firearm by a felon and resisting law enforcement.

According to court records, Morrow has a lengthy criminal history and is prohibited by law from carrying a firearm because of previous felony convictions.