Suspected Indianapolis serial rapist held on $500,000 bond; trial set for January

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INDIANAPOLIS — Accused serial rapist Darrell Goodlow was ordered held on a half-million cash bond Thursday morning by Marion Superior Judge Mark Stoner.

“We believe in this case that that bond was appropriate given the number of victims and the number of crimes that were committed and the amount of terror that he brought to the community,” said Katie Melnick, supervisor of the Special Victims Unit of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, who originally asked for a $1,000,000 cash bond.

“It doesn’t really make any difference to be honest with you,” defense attorney David Margerum told FOX59 News outside the courtroom after his client’s initial hearing. “If he could afford bond, it would make a difference, but setting it at $500,000 isn’t that much different than setting it at $200,000.”

It took Stoner more than five minutes to read all the charges and potential penalties Goodlow faces.

If convicted of all the charges and sentenced consecutively, as Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears has indicated is likely, Goodlow could spend the rest of his life in prison.

“I’ve only met with him one time in regards to this case and that was basically to go over all the charges and there are 57 different charges,” said Margerum, who told the court that he has represented Goodlow in at least one case in the past. “His general demeanor is, when I’ve had contact with him, is fine .”

Goodlow was arrested last week more than a year after a rapist attacked an older woman living alone on the city’s eastside.

Over the next 13 months, seven more victims were brutally assaulted and held captive for hours in five other incidents ranging from the vicinity of 10th Street and Arlington Avenue to near Arsenal Technical High School and into Lawrence.

A fingerprint left on a fan during a Sept. 8 assault came back to Goodlow and DNA matches at the other rapes led to his arrest.

“I haven’t seen the actual DNA crime lab reports,” said Margerum. “I’ve read the probable cause affidavit. That’s all I have is the probable cause affidavit and charging information, so, probable cause affidavits sometimes give a rosier optimistic view of the state’s case, so I’ll have to see the actual crime lab reports to see how positive they are.”

IMPD detectives were aided in their investigation by FBI behavioral analysis specialists and genealogy and cell phone tracing resources by Season of Justice, a nonprofit agency.

“I would like to thank all of law enforcement who tirelessly put this case together,” said Melnick. “At the end of the day we wouldn’t be here without the work of Crime Lab and law enforcement and the screening prosecutors who worked so hard and all the survivors who were brave enough to trust us with their stories.”

Goodlow was served with a no-contact order and warned that if anyone besides his attorney reaches out to the victims, it could result in additional sanctions imposed on his incarceration pending trial.

Goodlow’s trial date has been set for Jan. 31, 2022. Indianapolis Metropolitan police continue to review past unsolved rape cases to determine if they are linked to the current investigation.

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