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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 18, 2015)– New charges have been filed against two men previously charged in the murder of Amanda Blackburn.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced Friday Larry Jo Taylor Jr. and Jalen Watson face charges in a burglary and rape that occurred on Nov. 3 on the west side.

Taylor, 18, faces three counts of rape, burglary, theft, armed robbery, criminal confinement and auto theft.

Watson, 21, is charged with burglary, theft, armed robbery, criminal confinement and auto theft.

Curry said it was DNA evidence that provided the final piece to press charges in the case.

“The final DNA confirmation (is) the step that needed to be done,” Cury said.

According to court documents, the two men entered the victim’s apartment while she was in the shower at around 9 p.m.

“…The bathroom light went off … she peaked around the shower curtain and observed a male pointing a gun at her,” a detective said in those documents.

They demanded money and asked where her bank cards were. The victim said she was ordered to lie on the floor of her bedroom.

Taylor allegedly sexually assaulted the victim at gunpoint while Watson went through the apartment, taking items that belonged to the victim and her roommate.

At one point, the victim said Watson came into the room and told Taylor to stop, saying “that was ‘not what we’re here for.'” She said the pair got “spooked” and ran out of the apartment with a cell phone, laptop, television, jewelry, headphones and a purse. They also stole the victim’s car.

Investigators believe some of the items were sold soon after. They recovered some of them just this week from the people who claimed to have bought them from Taylor and Watson. The victim’s vehicle was also found.

Taylor and Watson also face charges in the Nov. 10 shooting death of Amanda Blackburn. They are also accused of committing two additional burglaries on that morning with an additional suspect, Diano Gordon.

Blackburn’s husband, Davey Blackburn, is scheduled to speak for the first time at Resonate Church since his wife’s death on Wednesday, December 23 at the 7 p.m. Christmas service. That takes place at Northview Middle School.