INDIANAPOLIS — A teenager who police say killed two men and a teenager has yet again been arrested after being previously released on GPS monitoring during his triple murder trial.

Caden Smith was arrested once again by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday after he violated a restraining order and was issued a warrant for his arrest.

Smith had previously been charged with multiple offenses including murder and dangerous possession of a machine gun, connected to the death of three people in October 2021. He was just 16 years old when the incident occurred.

On September 28, the Marion Superior Court ruled in favor of Smith’s attorneys in the triple murder case to suppress evidence that was submitted for the trial. He was then released from jail with GPS monitoring.

An arrest report shows that Smith allegedly violated a protective no-contact order while out on GPS monitoring, and that when IMPD came to arrest him this week for the violation they uncovered evidence for additional charges.

Inside his southside residence on Thompson Road, police allegedly found drugs, ammo, firearms, gun accessories, magazines and cash. Now 18, Smith currently faces three charges in the incident:

  • Dealing marijuana
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Visiting a common nuisance (maintaining a controlled substance)

Smith is currently being held in Marion County Jail for the charges without bond.