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INDIANAPOLIS — A woman was nearly beaten unconscious by a group of teens at the Rocket Fizz candy shop on Monument Circle.

According to a police report, the incident happened around 7:45 p.m. Saturday while the woman was working her shift at the store.

“She doesn’t really remember much from the situation,” the victim’s daughter, Corey Cattedra, said.

Cattedra said the attack happened after a group of 7 teenagers entered the store and began shoplifting.

“She told them ‘Hey, you guys got to leave’ and was kind of ushering them out the door,” Cattedra explained. “That’s when someone came from behind and just kind of socked her on the side of her head.”

Cattedra said several other kids joined in and began hitting her mother as she lay on the ground.

Staff members were eventually able to intervene and soon after police arrested a 13-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl on preliminary charges of battery, among others.

The young age of the alleged attackers has left Cattedra and her mother with a lot of questions.

“My biggest question is where are the parents? Where were the parents during all of this,” Cattedra questioned. “Why were they allowed to be out so late at 13 years old?”

Kim Nething owns Rocket Fizz and said she was nearly at a loss for words when she learned what had happened.

“Kind of dumbfounded at the audacity and the boldness of these kids,” Nething said.

The shop is just a few doors down from a now-shuttered Starbucks that closed in October 2022, citing safety concerns. Nething said she doesn’t believe there’s an ongoing safety issue on Monument Circle.

“These kids, regardless of what was in place, they knew what they wanted to do and they achieved it,” Nething said.

The victim’s daughter said she hopes the punishment fits the crime.

“I hope that they can make better choices in life and I kind of hope that justice is served,” Cattedra said. “They get what they deserve.”

Surveillance cameras in the store did capture the attack and footage has been turned over to investigators.

The victim is still recovering at home, but Cattedra said she is eager to get back to work.

We have reached out for additional information on the charges the teenagers are facing and we’re waiting to hear back.