Teens invited to youth anti-gun violence and drugs summit

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INDIANAPOLIS — As the violence increases across the city, we work to elevate people in our community offering solutions to protect our young people. Coming up on July 23, youth ages 10 to 18 are invited to the annual Far Eastside Youth Anti-Gun Violence & Drugs Summit.

It’s happening at the Pathway Resource Center located at 10119 John Marshall Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46235. It begins at 4 pm and lasts until 7 pm.

There will be catered food, games, a DJ and young people will walk away equipped and educated to make a wise decision regarding drugs or violence.

“This scenario versus this if they were in an actual situation for drugs or gun violence led to the difference of them getting married in the future, kids, or spending 20 to life behind jail or ending up in the grave,” District 14 Councilor La Keisha Jackson said.

Councilor Jackson said she is noticing a rise in drug use among young people in her neighborhoods.

“Which is causing some of the gun violence we’re seeing and experiencing, whether youth are selling, ask to sell,” Jackson said.

Event Chair Leila Darden wants youth to walk away feeling empowered.

“Their presence matters, what they think matters, we want to hear from them,” Darden said. “We do not have all of the answers and I do not know what it means to be a youth in 2021.”

Organizers are still hopeful people will volunteer to help with this program. For more information, contact Leila via email at lrdarden11@gmail.com.

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