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DANVILLE, Ind. — Police are searching for the thief who hit a family-owned pizza shop.

The suspect was caught on camera at Jack’s Pizza stealing from the cash register and taking off with a safe.

Monday afternoon, manager Dylan O’Brien showed up to his family’s restaurant and realized someone had already been there. Surveillance footage shows the stranger wearing gloves and a hoodie, trying to hide his face from the cameras.

“I want him to know none of us appreciate it at all,” said O’Brien.

The thief broke in through the drive-thru window. Police say he busted the glass and used a crowbar to pry off the frame. He then crawled inside the now boarded up window.

“It’s pretty frustrating. Obviously, we need that to pay people and pay the bills and stuff like that,” said O’Brien.

“Once he was inside, he pretty much had free range to go anywhere,” said Nate Lien, an officer with the Danville Police Department.

The thief spent about 15 minutes inside Jack’s Pizza. Footage shows him pushing the safe towards the back door. He made off with a large amount of cash from the register. However, as for the safe, it was a lot of work for a whole lot of nothing.

“I don’t know if he’s still at home trying to make his way into that safe, but there’s nothing inside of it,” said Officer Lien.

In just the past 24 hours, police have already received some tips. They want this thief to know he didn’t just steal from a pizza shop, he stole straight from a family’s pocket.

“You are taking this money away. You just took this away from a family-owned business within the town of Danville. We’re going to catch him,” said Officer Lien.

Police are still reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses in order to get a vehicle description.

If you know anything that can help detectives catch this thief, call Danville police at 317-745-3001.