BROWNSBURG, Ind. — Police are asking for the public’s help to identify a fast-acting thief who was caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry from a Brownsburg store. 

According to a police report, the theft happened at Premier Arms at the end of December. The store’s owner reported three rings stolen and said they were worth $10,000 altogether.

The store owner provided surveillance video to police showing the thief pick up one of the rings and quickly conceal it while placing a fake, decoy ring back in the jewelry tray. Police said each time the man would steal a ring he would distract the clerk by asking to view different pieces of jewelry.

You can watch the full surveillance video here:

Courtesy: Brownsburg Police Department

“Unfortunately jewelry departments all around have thefts similar to what we’ve had,” said store manager Brendan Cavanaugh. “It never feels good to be a victim of theft.”

Police said the shop’s employees didn’t realize the rings had been switched until an inventory check the next day. 

Cavanaugh said it was disheartening to see the small business targeted.

“We just are trying to implement even better and more secure policies just as every other store is,” Cavanaugh said. “Unfortunately every store will learn at some point in time from mistakes whether it’s a strong arm or a distraction.”

Following the incident, the store’s owners decided to make some changes to security to prevent any future thefts. Those include only taking individual pieces of jewelry out of the display cases and having extra staff around when people are shopping.

“Our idea is just making sure that staff is trained and well-versed and always on the lookout,” Cavanaugh said.

Cavanaugh said he hopes the man is caught and brought to justice.

“Be a productive member of society instead of someone that’s taking from others that are hard-working and trying to earn an honest living,” Cavanaugh said.

Brownsburg Police were able to capture the car the man was driving but discovered it was a rental.

Anybody with any information on this case or the identity of the thief is asked to give Detective Stanford a call at (317) 852-1109 Ext. 2147.