BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A thief has been caught on camera breaking into a Brownsburg game shop and stealing more than 1,600 highly prized Magic: The Gathering playing cards.

According to the Brownsburg Police Department, the estimated value of the stolen cards is $15,000.

Valkyrie’s Vault, located on Main Street, said the thief used tools to dismantle the locking mechanism in a side door in order to make entry into the store just before 4 a.m. on Friday.

The thief went straight to the counter where he stole at least 1,600 of the store’s highest-valued Magic: The Gathering playing cards. In the surveillance footage, the thief can be seen shoving the cards into what appears to be a pizza delivery bag.

“Everyone is safe, but the loss is tremendous,” Valkyrie’s Vault said in a Facebook post about the theft.

The theft has been reported to Brownsburg police who ask anyone who may have been driving in the area of the 1000 block of E. Main Street at around 4 a.m. on Friday to call police if they saw any suspicious individuals or vehicles near the game store.

Valkyrie’s Vault believes the theft was targeted, as the man went straight for the most valuable Magic cards.

“It was clear that they knew exactly where they were going and what they wanted,” the game shop said.

Police believe the thief likely visited the store on several occasions before the burglary. Police said they are working on using facial recognition technology to help identify the suspect.

The shop will be open for business this weekend as the community has already answered the call to support the local shop.

Anyone who may have information about the theft is asked to contact Brownsburg police.