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UPDATE (May 29):

Indiana University said the missing statue has been found, although it was badly damaged during the theft.

An IU employee found Eve in a parking lot on the north side of campus around 7 a.m. Friday.


BLOOMINGTON (May 28, 2015) – In the end, there wasn’t much left of Eve—just her feet.

That was all that remained after thieves took off with a 300-pound statue over the weekend at Indiana University’s Arboretum at 10th Street and Fee Lane. The bronze statue is part of a sculpture depicting Adam and Eve. It had just been added before graduation.

“I absolutely don’t think we know when it happened,” said Sherry Rouse, curator of campus art.

Rouse said the pair of bronze sculptures are valued at $30,000 and came from a retired fine art professor at IU South Bend. After the holiday weekend, Rouse got a call that Eve was gone. She believes someone used a tool to saw through one of Eve’s ankles, and the weight of the bronze caused the top of the sculpture to fall off.

“We’re interested in having more public art. At least we used to be,” she said.

Students said the sculptures did attract a crowd, because Adam and Eve bared all.

“The first few times that I was out here studying, there were always people taking selfies and photos with the statues,” said Rachel Delay, a student.

“I don’t know what the motive was, probably someone taking a prank too far,” said Trevor Kirsch, a student.

Rouse calls it the worst theft she’s ever seen and is desperate to get Eve back.

“I have never lost something like this,” she said, “Call me and leave a message no questions asked. And I will come and get it.”

Rouse said it’s unclear if any security cameras were pointed the way of the sculptures at the time of the theft. She also said they will not leave Adam out on display because the two were meant to be shown together.