INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman faces multiple charges after taking her non-custodial daughter from school, prompting an AMBER Alert.

The AMBER Alert was issued after police said Burdine removed the girl from her school on Indy’s near southeast side. She was later found at an apartment complex, where there was a brief barricaded subject incident.

A probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Monica Burdine said the girl’s father had recently obtained a court order stating he had temporary, sole and primary custody of the girl. He gave the school a copy of the court order.

The document states the court found in the order that the girl would be endangered or emotionally impaired if in Burdine’s care.

On September 1, Burdine called the school to tell them that she would be picking up the girl from school later in the day, the court document states. The principal told Burdine that it wasn’t possible due to the custody order on file with the school.

Burdine went to the school and was let in to discuss homework and talk about online school. When she said she wanted to leave with the girl, the document states the principal explained the court order that showed she didn’t have custody.

While the principal went to get a copy of the court order, the document states Burdine left the office unannounced to search for her daughter. He stopped her, and the document states she got hostile, screamed and yelled profanities.

The document states teachers cleared the hall, and the principal continued to try to stop Burdine. He told police that she shoved her elbow and forearm into his chest. He said he was shocked at her strength, due to the fact that he is a 6′ tall, 250-pound man who played college football.

The principal told police that Burdine yelled multiple times, “Don’t touch me [expletive], get out of my face, this is a civil case!”

After she got past him, the document states she grabbed the girl by the arm and got to her car, locking the door. The principal said he tried to block her vehicle with cones, but she dove away, kicking up gravel and revving the engine.

Police were able to locate Burdine using cellphone technology. The document states when they got to the apartment complex, they started searching, and a woman told officers that the girl and Burdine were in the apartment. She said that Burdine locked herself and the girl in the bathroom and was refusing to come out.

The document states SWAT officers were able to contact Burdine and talk her into giving up peacefully. Burdine was arrested, and the girl was reunited with her father.

Burdine was charged with:

  • kidnapping where committed by using a vehicle
  • kidnapping
  • battery resulting in bodily injury
  • interference with custody
  • disorderly conduct