FISHERS, Ind. — According to court documents, all it took to set Trevor Dahl onto the path of violence was a honk.

Dahl, 24, of Noblesville was arrested on Sunday in connection with last week’s road rage shooting in Fishers. Dahl faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated battery, criminal recklessness and pointing a firearm.

The Fishers Police Department accuses Dahl of firing a gun at least three times from his vehicle into a Honda Accord on Thursday, right outside a bank on a busy stretch of E. 96th Street. The 22-year-old driver of the Honda was struck once by the gunfire, causing him to crash into the back of a Chevrolet Camaro.

The driver of the Honda and victim of the shooting has been identified as Daniel Alejo. He talked to FOX59 about the scary incident.

“I’m just thankful that I’m here and breathing and talking to you and doing okay,” said Alejo.

Court documents reveal the road rage shooting spiraled into violence due to the combination of a honk, a brake check, a gun near at hand, and a temper. Investigators spoke to multiple witnesses, Alejo, and Dahl himself to determine what triggered the series of events.

The incident began near the Meijer located at E. 96th and Hague Road. A juvenile who was riding with Dahl in his white Acura told police the pair were searching for food and in the area of the Panda Express near the Meijer entrance when the Honda honked at Dahl and drove around his Acura.

Booking photos of Trevor Dahl

Alejo told police Dahl’s Acura had been stopped in the lane with its brake lights on, so he honked and then went around the white car.

“The guy is sitting in his car in that middle straight lane,” Alego said. “Just idle and sitting there, not doing anything. So I honk at him and he doesn’t move.”

Dahl became angry at the honk, according to the juvenile, and drove after the Honda. Alejo told police Dahl was following closely so he “brake checked” the Acura. But this only made Dalh more angry.

Alejo said Dahl then cut off his car near the front doors of Meijer. Alejo said he became fearful at this point and turned around, no longer interested in going into Meijer.

Dahl followed the Honda, though, pursuing it onto 96th Street where he pulled up alongside the Honda and fired at least three shots.

“I just remember hearing the shots go off and I just remember getting shot,” said Alejo.

The juvenile told detectives that Dahl reportedly said, “that is what happens when you brake check people” after he fired “at least four” shots into the Honda. Police ended up locating three 9mm casings in the roadway near PNC Bank on E. 96th.

Police said one of the bullets struck Alejo near the right knee while two other rounds struck the Honda and entered the interior. The pain in Alejo’s knee reportedly made him lose control of his Honda, crashing into the back of a Camaro that had been stopped at a red light waiting to turn south onto Hague Road.

The juvenile told officers that after the shooting, and watching the Honda crash into the Camaro, Dahl lifted his shirt to reveal the gun in his waistband and said, “this is not a threat, but you saw absolutely nothing. Nobody will know about it.”

Court documents reveal police were able to identify the white Acura and track it to Dahl thanks to the Flock automated license plate reader camera system which captured the Acura’s license plate.

Police determined the Acura was a rental car that had been loaned out to Dahl. On Friday, police went to a car dealership in Fishers where Dahl was employed but discovered he had called out sick.

Detectives ended up finding the Acura on Saturday at the car dealership and conducted a search, locating two boxes of 9mm ammunition inside. Dahl was also detained during the search.

Two witnesses who knew Dahl told police that he normally carried a gun on him. An orange backpack found at Dahl’s workplace on Saturday ended up being found to have a 9 mm handgun inside. Dahl had originally tried to tell police the backpack belonged to the car dealership, but his employer said it wasn’t true and that it was Dahl’s backpack.

Investigators also learned that Dahl had a criminal history and had prior arrests for narcotics and burglary.

Court documents reveal that Dahl reportedly contact his girlfriend after the shooting to tell her that “he did something” and that he “needed a prayer.”

The girlfriend reportedly told police that Dahl said he’d done something to a car to cause it to rear-end another vehicle, but that she only assumed he meant shooting at the car because she’d known he had a gun on him.

The juvenile who was with Dahl in the Acura at the time of the shooting told police that Dahl “does not like the way other people drive” and that he often gets upset when he drives.

Dahl could face between 20 and 40 years in prison if found guilty of attempted murder.

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