Two dozen arrested in west side probation crackdown

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INDIANAPOLIS – As dawn broke over Indianapolis, teams of police officers, sheriff’s deputies and probation and parole agents fanned out in convoys across a west side community in search of parole violators, wanted subjects and sex offenders.

“I think we’re going to hit somewhere up to 100 different addresses,” said Patrolman Greg Brinker, street supervisor of Operation Clean Sweep. “We got probation, we got parole, we got community corrections, code enforcement, excise police. We have vice, we have narcotics, we have sex offender registry, we’ve got Marion County warrant division, traffic division, large numbers of units, local and state, everybody coming out today.”

The crackdown south of 38th Street and west of the White River in IMPD Northwest District Zone 20 began Wednesday night with high-profile traffic stops which netted 12 arrests and served notice that officers were flooding the area.

The patrols also drove wanted suspects and local parolees inside for the night.

“We can get a good address on them, catch them off guard, catch them while they’re asleep while they’re waking up bright and early,” said Brinker.

The early hours were characterized by hit-and-miss unannounced visits that either found parolees at home where they belonged or missing or, in the case of Cordell Winston, allegedly in possession of cocaine and marijuana.

“Man, get out of my face,” said Winston, a three-time convicted drug dealer as he was led in handcuffs from his house, his girlfriend right behind him. “That’s the (dope) she brought with her.”

“The subject was in his house,” said Brinker. “Next to his bed was crack cocaine.

“The female in the house said he was not there.

“We later found out the female in the house had a warrant as well.”

By midday more than 20 people were arrested. Some were taken to northwest district headquarters for questioning before they were processed.

Some were likely to be sent back to jail for probation violations.

Northwest district officers have paired up with the Marion County Probation Department for the last year in keeping track of offenders who have been released into the community.

The program has been such a success that an announcement is expected next week that will detail expansion of the project throughout the city.

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