INDIANAPOLIS — A judge has found Tyler Newby guilty of reckless homicide after a previous attempt at trying Newby in 2021 ended with a mistrial after a unanimous decision couldn’t be reached by jurors.

Newby was accused of shooting and killing Dorian Murrell during the second night of protests and rioting in downtown Indianapolis on May 31, 2020.

Newby claimed he shot Murrell in self-defense, stating he was pushed to the ground and found Murrell standing over him while surrounded by several people.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office stated they pushed for one count of murder, as originally charged against Newby. During a bench trial on Monday, the court instead chose to find Newby guilty of a lesser charge of reckless homicide, which is a Level 5 felony.

In Indiana, Level 5 felonies carry between one and six years in prison.

During Newby’s jury trial in 2021, a judge tossed out a charge of voluntary manslaughter lodged against Newby, removing a potential compromise verdict for jurors who might have felt Newby’s shooting of Murrell wasn’t fully justified but yet didn’t see it rise to the level of murder.

During the 2021 trial, Newby’s defense attorney had argued that Newby was within his rights to respond with deadly force while prosecutors argued a “shove to the ground” did not justify lethal self-defense.

Murrell’s family previously shared their unhappiness about the mistrial.

Newby is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 10.