INDIANAPOLIS — Tyler Newby will serve one year of home detention after being found guilty of reckless homicide last month by a judge.

Prosecutors originally pursued a murder charge for Newby, who was accused of shooting and killing Dorian Murrell during the second night of protests and rioting in downtown Indianapolis on May 31, 2020. Newby claimed he shot Murrell in self-defense. A mistrial in 2021 saw a jury unable to come to a unanimous decision and a charge of voluntary manslaughter thrown out by a judge.

Newby ended up being found guilty during a bench trial on Oct. 17. A judge ended up finding Newby guilty of a lesser charge of reckless homicide.

On Thursday, Newby was sentenced to five years with the jail time suspended and served instead as one year of home detention followed by four years of probation.

The family of Dorian Murrell previously shared their displeasure at the outcome of the case. On Friday, an attorney for the family released a statement.

“The family of Dorian Murrell is highly disappointed that Judge Angela Davis has allowed Tyler Newby to not do prison time for the killing of our beloved Dorian. Her decision devalues the life the God of Justice gives all human beings. Our grief is great. Her decision increases our grief. Dorian is not resting in peace.”

Newby has continued to claim self-defense in the shooting, saying that during the chaos of the rioting he was pushed to the ground and found Murrell standing over him while surrounded by several people. Murrell was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

An IMPD investigation regarding the killing of Chris Beaty almost three hours earlier in the area near Vermont and Pennsylvania Streets alleges that Murrell and his associates had been robbing, threatening and shooting people at that location.

Pertaining Murrell’s trial, the subjects of race, self-defense, and the chaos of the night played a role in the trial that eventually concluded with jurors being unable to reach a unanimous decision.