INDIANAPOLIS – An online database wants to use the power of community to solve cold cases of murdered or missing people.

It’s called Uncovered, and that’s exactly what their mission is — uncovering the facts.

People around our state, the country, even the world, can help solve these cold cases. For Indiana, there are more than 600 cases listed on their website.

Right now, there’s close to 40,000 cases in the Uncovered database. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for information, resources, and a space to connect and contribute facts. There are photos, stories, maps, data, and links to news articles.

Uncovered was launched in 2019, because the founders believed it takes more than just the government and non-profits. Jim Brown, the CEO and co-founder is from Indiana. The head of case research, Rachael Rosselet, went to school here.

Both agree it also takes the communities help to shine light on these cases.

“It does take the community to do this,” said Brown, “Law enforcement can’t do it all on their own. Whether we talk about the restraints from budget, knowledge, or training, or just the sheer amount of cases that they have. They can’t do it all, right?”

Rosselet added, “We actually love to hear from families. We get emails every day from them and they do just want some movement on their case. A lot of the times, we just find they just want to be heard.”

The hope is Uncovered will partner with state agencies to not only to bring attention to these cases, but once important information is received pass it along to police.

“They can come there. They can control the narrative of their loved ones, so often we see that if someone goes missing or murdered. Sometimes, it’s the solacious details that come out, but in our space they can begin to tell their loved ones’ story in the narrative or in the fashion they want to,” said Rosselet.

Rosselet was able to connect with the Attorney General in Ohio to gather information on almost 4,000 cases that could be put on Uncovered.

We asked Brown and Rosselet where their passion for true crime and solving these cases comes from.

Brown said that Uncovered is him making good on a promise to his best friend growing up who died in 2007. For Rosselet, she always watched documentaries and listened to podcasts, as she learned more about wrongful convictions – she became more passionate about criminal justice reform, and she went back to school for it.

To join in the conversations and help solve these cases, click here to visit the Uncovered website.

 “That’s how we are going to solve these cases and again 200,000 have gone cold since 1980. We need everybody’s help,” said Brown.