JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Multiple law enforcement agencies conducted a large operation Wednesday in Johnson County to serve search warrants in a crackdown on illegal drugs.

Personnel from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Franklin Police Department, Greenwood Police Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office were involved in serving the warrants.

Investigators have spent months laying the groundwork for the operation, which was the result of a joint investigation into drug activity around Johnson County.

The focus was on “high-end” drug dealers, authorities said.

Johnson County Sheriff Duane Burgess, Franklin Police Chief Kirby Cochran and Greenwood Police Chief James Ison partnered with Johnson County Prosecutor Lance Hamner to form a narcotics investigation team to share manpower and investigative resources.

In all, investigators targeted more than 30 suspects. Two-thirds of them are accused of coming from outside Johnson County to sell illegal drugs. According to investigators, 18 of the arrestees came from Indianapolis, while others were from Carmel, Columbus, Camby and Martinsville.

“The members of the narcotics team are working to get those high-end dealers off of the streets of Johnson County,” according a joint news release.

The following individuals were arrested on drug-related charges. Methamphetamine was an apparent focus:

  • Darrell Baker (dealing methamphetamine, dealing narcotics)
  • Kenderick Harper (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Nathan Neal (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Alyssa Freels (dealing methamphetamine, dealing narcotics)
  • Justin Bowling (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Janelle Phelps (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Cody Thompson (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Harold “Keith” Archer (dealing methamphetamine, dealing Schedule III controlled substance)
  • Norman Caudle (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Kenneth Head (dealing methamphetamine, dealing narcotics)
  • Jordan Euler (dealing methamphetamine, dealing narcotics)
  • Eddie Foster (dealing cocaine)
  • Robert Wood (dealing methamphetamine, dealing Schedule III controlled substance)
  • Brandon East (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Brian McGinnis (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Theodore Cibor (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Joseph Young (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Leslie Smith (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Shaun Hatmaker (dealing methamphetamine)

Several individuals were still at large as of Thursday morning, according to authorities:

  • Jaylen Thompson (dealing in a narcotic drug)
  • Kisha Alcorn (dealing methamphetamine, dealing Schedule II and Schedule III controlled substance)
  • Michael Vaughn (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Darrien Cornelius (dealing methamphetamine)
  • James Jones (Dealing Schedule I controlled substance)
  • Jared Turner (dealing marijuana)
  • Freddie Ayla (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Sebastian Jones (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Crystal Gunter (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Samuel Conner (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Eric Dillon (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Megan Rowsey (dealing methamphetamine)
  • Honda May (dealing methamphetamine)

Ten other individuals who were not the targets of the warrants were also arrested in the course of the operation, police said.

Other agencies assisting in the roundup included the Franklin Fire Department, Greenwood Fire Department, Bargersville Police Department, Bargersville Fire Department, Edinburgh Police Department, Carmel Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and the Martinsville Police Department.

In at least one case, a SWAT team was used to serve one of the warrants. Fire departments were involved for safety reasons, police said.