SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. — It wasn’t a field trip that brought an Ohio school bus to rural farmland in Decatur and Shelby counties on Tuesday.

Numerous Hoosiers watched in bafflement as a yellow school bus tore through fields, barrelled down county roads and attempted evasion through a small, country cemetery as a long line of police cars followed in hot pursuit.

In footage obtained by FOX59, watch from the dashboard of a Greensburg police vehicle as officers chase the yellow stolen school bus for nearly an hour before at last the bus doors parted and the driver was pulled from the vehicle.

Police said Chad Murdock, 32, of Cincinnati stole the school bus from the Cincinnati area. Ohio police tipped off Indiana authorities by tracking the bus down I-74 to Batesville. A Batesville officer, along with two state troopers, first attempted to stop the school bus in Decatur County, kicking off the chase.

Several police vehicles were damaged during the chase due to collisions with the school bus. Multiple fields and yards were also damaged in the wake of the police pursuit.

Murdock faces charges of resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness and criminal mischief.