ANDERSON, Ind. — Court records reveal that an Anderson Community Schools substitute custodian sent sexual messages and photographs of his genitals to an 11-year-old middle school student.

Trevor Lane, 24, of Anderson reportedly began messaging the 11-yea-old as far back as April 24 on Facebook messenger. Lane has arrested on Sept. 30 and charged with one count of child solicitation, a Level 5 felony.

According to court documents, messages provided to detectives showed Lane’s conversation with the child on Facebook messenger. Lane started off the conversation by telling the child, “what we talk about stays between us and only us and no one else.”

Lane went on to lie about his age, telling the child he was 18 years old. The 11-year-old lied about her age as well, telling Lane she was 14 going on 15. Lane went on to ask her to help him do something “very very personal,” asking the child to help give him sexual gratification by sending him photos of herself.

Lane sent the 11-year-old a photograph of his bare genitals, according to the court documents, and promised her “no one will find out.”

But someone did find out. According to the documents, the 11-year-old notified her mother about the crude messages and the photo of Lane’s “winker.” The girl also later told police that she hadn’t known who Lane was and that she had deleted him but he’d make new accounts to talk to her.

Detectives reached out to Lane and asked him to come to the police station to answer some questions. At first, Lane told police his Facebook had been hacked and blamed a vengeful ex-girlfriend for sending the photograph and messages, according to the court documents.

Investigators pressed on Lane, however, asking if they searched his house if they find the same blanket seen in the photograph he sent to the child. Investigators also told Lane they could trace the IP address from when he sent the Facebook messages and know if they were sent from his home.

Lane eventually admitted to sending the messages, court documents reveal, stating that he’d “messed up.” He admitted to exposing himself and sending the photograph along with asking for pictures from the child. He said he didn’t know, however, that the victim was 11 years old, but even the fake age given by the child was still underage.

Upon a search of Lane’s home, police found a blanket matching the blanket shown in the nude photo sent to the 11-year-old.

Anderson Community Schools previously stated that once they were informed of the allegations against Lane he was called into the central office and told to turn over his keys. Lane is no longer permitted on ACS property, the school corporation said.

The victim was confirmed to be an ACS student.

If found guilty of child solicitation, Lane could face between one to six years in prison on his charge.