INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man faces murder charges after police said he shot and killed his ex-girlfriend over $500 that she was supposed to hold for him to buy license plates for his new vehicle.

In the probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Robert Reed Jr., a detective with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department details the interview where the detective learned what led up to the shooting, and what witnesses reported seeing.

“But I love you”

Reed was identified as the shooter after multiple witnesses recognized him, the document says. One of the witnesses reported hearing Reed yelling at the victim, Sherry Wolfe.

“Sherry, you’re not gonna talk to me.”

Another witness reported hearing a gunshot before looking out the window and seeing a man shooting out the window of his vehicle. The document says after firing twice, the man parked and got out of the vehicle. They heard Wolfe say, “But I love you,” and the man responded, “No, you don’t [expletive],” before firing two more times and driving off.

The first witness told police they heard Wolfe screaming for them, “Help, help.” When they ran down the stairs, they heard the shots. The document says by the time the witness got outside, Wolfe was on the ground, suffering from gunshot wounds.

The document says the witness told police that Wolfe and Reed had been together for around a year but had recently broken up. The witness hadn’t seen Reed at the apartment for about a week.

“I ain’t got nothing to hide”

The document states multiple people were able to identify Reed as the shooter. The next day, one of his relatives went to the Lawrence Police Department to say Reed was parked in a driveway on Richardt Avenue.

Police approached the vehicle and found Reed sitting in the driver’s seat. They took him into custody without incident. The document says Reed told them where the vehicle from the day of the shooting was. Inside, police found a shell casing.

The document says Reed told police that he was staying with his grandson and used Wolfe’s address as well. After reading Reed his rights, the detective asked if he wanted to make a statement, to which the document states Reed responded, “Yeah, I ain’t got nothing to hide.”

“Where was my money?”

The detective asked what happened the day of the shooting, and the document says Reed told the detective it had been building up. He said Wolfe was supposed to be keeping money for him to get his plates for his new vehicle, and she spent it.

Reed went over to Wolfe’s residence the day of the shooting to get $500, the court document states. While he couldn’t remember the exact words, the document states he remembered asking her something like, “Where was my money?” He said she told him that, “You ain’t nothing. I ain’t got it, I spent it.”

The detective asked what happened for him to start shooting her. The document states Reed told the detective that those words angered him, and he was upset that she spent his money.

“I was just trying to scare her”

The document states Reed told the detective that he was in a daze during the shooting. He just did it, got back in the vehicle and left.

The detective asked what he did with the weapon. The document states Reed said he threw it and his phone out by Lafayette Road in a field. He said he did it so he couldn’t be traced with it.

The document states when asked if Reed was trying to kill Wolfe, he responded, “Not really, I was just trying to scare her.” He said his temper flew off the handle.

After the interview, the document states Reed asked how Wolfe was doing. The detective said she wasn’t doing well. He replied that he hoped she pulled through.

Wolfe died the next day. The cause of death was determined to be multiple gunshot wounds and was ruled a homicide.

As a result of the shooting, Reed faces a murder charge. A trial date is set for February 27.