WHITESTOWN, Ind. — A Whitestown man has been charged after police found hundreds of files of child pornography shared from his IP address.

According to court documents, filed on Monday in Boone County, 31-year-old Kyle Rogers was charged with five counts of child exploitation, a Level 4 felony and five counts of child pornography possession, a Level 5 felony.

Kyle Rogers Mug

On Oct. 12, officials with the Indiana State Police’s Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce, reviewed software for a suspect potentially residing in Whitestown, later identified as Rogers.

In three sessions with the suspect’s IP address, detectives said that more than 400 files of reported child pornography were shared. The files shared included photos of pre-pubescent females nude and an adult male touching them inappropriately and engaging in sexual acts.

On Nov. 9, officials conducted a search of Rogers’ home, where a number of devices, digital storage drives and other electronics were seized.

In an interview with Rogers, officials said in the documents that Rogers admitted to being sexually attracted to children and admitted to using uTorrent and other platforms to view child pornography. Rogers also said his laptop would “most likely contain files of child pornography.”

“Rogers has tried in the past to limit his viewing of child pornography but said he eventually goes back and (views) the child pornography every time he has tried to quit,” the documents read.