WHITESTOWN, Ind. — A recent traffic stop in Whitestown yielded over 30 ounces of marijuana, two handguns and over $40,000 in cash.

A Whitestown Metropolitan Police Department officer pulled over a blue Alfa Romeo on Friday for following too closely and speeding on Interstate 65 NB. While speaking with the driver, later identified as 25-year-old Sheldon Williams of Chicago, the officer said they smelt marijuana odor from the car.

Following a probable cause search of the car, WMPD officers found two Glock semiautomatic handguns, 30 ounces of marijuana, plastic baggies, measuring scales, four cell phones and $41,840 in cash. Officers also said they found a conversion device that would turn the semiautomatic handguns fully automatic.

Photos of evidence seized provided by WMPD

Williams was taken to the Boone County Jail, where he is being held pending recommended charges of:

  • Possession of an Automatic Weapon,
  • Possession and Dealing of Marijuana, and
  • Possession of firearms without a license.

All inmates are presumed innocent until proven guilty.