INDIANAPOLIS — In the days after Amber Robertson’s daughter disappeared in March of 2019, she was criticized on social media for sharing photographs of herself relaxing poolside at a westside Indianapolis hotel while volunteers and police searched for baby Amiah.

At the time, the media was provided a photograph, taken beneath a yellow table umbrella on a pool deck, of Robertson snuggling with her infant.

Now, a witness to the discovery of evidence and the early days of the police investigation into the disappearance of baby Amiah tells FOX59 News that she has seen another photograph of the child taken at roughly the same time that is more disturbing.

“A picture of the baby wearing the same pajamas, wrapped in the same fuzzy white blanket that she had in the picture in the news with her mother, but she was laying on a bed and her eyes were closed and the entire left side of her face was covered in bruises,” said the witness. ”The other picture looks like the baby is either very sick or that the baby is not alive.”

FOX59 News has reviewed the photographs the witness described and found the description to be an accurate portrayal of what the photos show.

The witness remembers seeing Robertson, baby Amiah, Robert Lyons and Jeanette Browning at the Ramada by Wyndham Hotel near I-465 and Crawfordsville Road on March 8 and 9 of 2019.

Robertson later told police she had handed off her daughter to her then-boyfriend, Lyons, on March 9 for delivery to the home of Browning, his mother, at 229 South Holmes Avenue for babysitting.

However, it wasn’t until March 16 that Robertson told IMPD officers, arriving to investigate a fight between herself and Lyons in the alley behind Browning’s house, that her baby was missing.

From the start, investigators have said Robertson’s timeline of her daughter’s disappearance didn’t add up.

The witness told FOX59 News that the evidence that was discovered and turned over to IMPD at the beginning of the investigation corroborates the conclusion that Robertson, Lyons, Browning and Amiah were observed at the hotel.

“With the baby at a swimming pool and basically hanging around off and on for a few days somewhere where I could physically see them but, yes, I was aware of their presence in the area where the police were looking,” said the witness. ”I was able to observe a camera that was presumably owned by one of the four members of that family, photos that had been taken during their time near this body of water.”

It was on March 25, 2019, that IMPD and divers from the Wayne Township Fire Department searched a large pond adjacent to the hotel property at roughly the same time investigators were discovering items belonging to the child along the banks of Eagle Creek near McCarty Street as sources told FOX59 News that cadaver dogs hit on the evidence.

When the occupants of Room 249 had cleared out of the hotel two weeks before, they left behind a shambles and some crucial baby items.

“Damaged things tossed around, television broken in half, basically, the flat screen,” said the witness. ”There was a pack-n-play portable baby bed. There also was a baby car seat. Those are the two main items that were left behind.”

The witness said investigators recovered the discarded baby items from a dumpster days after the pond search.

“Seeing them bring dogs out to sniff around the left items,” said the witness who described that police took, “two visual pieces of evidence and at least two physical pieces of evidence.”

During a briefing announcing grand jury charges of child neglect against both Robertson and Lyons, IMPD Deputy Chief Kendale Adams was asked if investigators had physical evidence to back up the accounts witnesses gave to grand jurors about baby Amiah’s disappearance.

”I think what we’ve put together, as far as the physical evidence, as far as the testimony, in terms of the forensic evidence, gives us a good timeline of what occurred.”

The witness still shudders at the thought of what quite possibly happened to baby Amiah inside Room 249.

”It was just horrifying to know that this could have taken place at this location by this water.”