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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A teenage girl from a troubled home turned to a family friend for support. Instead, police say she was forced into prostitution and human trafficking.

Brandi Beauchamp, Ciera Beauchamp and Ashley Breedlove are accused of running an escort service that advertised on and forcing the then-17-year-old girl into having sex with men and turning the money over to the women to pay their bills.

“To be honest with you, I’ve seen them come out real scantily dressed, real short clothing, inappropriate clothing, all the time, considering one of them was a 17-year-old and the outfits were just unacceptable,” said Scott Benner, a neighbor at Laurel Lake Apartments on Indianapolis’ far south side. “It really is disgusting to do that to a child, especially if you’re supposed to be a guardian. It’s revolting.”

Ciera Beauchamp claimed to be the girl’s guardian and the teen said as soon as she moved in last summer, the family friend began forcing her into prostitution.

“(The victim’s) prostitution was their only source of income to pay for rent and all the bills,” the probable cause affidavit reads.  “She soon realized the customers would get angry if she did not (have sex). Beauchamp then suggested to her that she have sexual intercourse. Beauchamp told her it was ‘stuff she was already doing.’ She claimed the money was ‘fast and easy’ and that it wouldn’t be ‘much of anything.’”

Court documents also say Beauchamp has a gun and has threatened the family with it.

“Beauchamp would get a bill, and say, ‘We gotta get on that straight money stuff.’ (The victim) knew that that meant she would have to prostitute then to pay the cable or rent.”

The victim had also contracted Chlamydia from one of the clients, according to court documents.

Each woman is being held on $40,000 bond and faces up to 16 years in prison. Brandi Beauchamp’s relatives refused comment outside of court. The trial is set for January 9.