HANCOCK COUNTY — A Yorktown teenager has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes after driving recklessly at a high speed and driving under the influence.

According to an affidavit, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to a vehicle crash with injury in the 8000 block of North Indiana 9 in Greenfield May 28.

Upon arrival, deputies discovered a car submerged in a stream on the property with significant damage to the vehicle. Officials noted that both passengers were laying on the grass nearby the car.

Officials noted that the driver Byron Pomeroy, 18, sustained a concussion while the female passenger had a swollen jaw and was going in and out of consciousness. A later report stated that she sustained a fractured ankle, severe bruising to her left cheek, and numerous minor injuries all over her body.

A witness told police that Pomeroy seemed concerned for the female’s well-being and said that he would be arrested for DUI. He also, according to the witness, was concerned about getting fired from his job. Both Pomeroy and the female were transported to Methodist Hospital.

Officials noted that the vehicle was traveling so fast that it hit a pole and became airborne, went into a stream and then an embankment. Officials used a tracking device called “Life360” the female passenger had and were able to located the car. They found the car she was in that night traveled 100 mph or more and did not stop or brake at the intersection.

Pomeroy received a blood drawn in which his blood alcohol concentration came back as .147 while .08 is the legal limit.

Pomeroy is facing a Level 5 felony count of causing serious bodily injury when operating a vehicle while intoxicated and a Level 6 felony charge of criminal recklessness, and five misdemeanors.