UPDATE: Brandon McCormick was sentenced to 60 years in the Indiana Department of Correction, with five of those years suspended to probation.


INDIANAPOLIS — After a two-day jury trial, an Indianapolis man was found guilty of gunning down 30-year-old Walter Stein Jr. in a gas station parking lot in October 2020.

Brandon McCormick, 25, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 60 years, with five years suspended and 689 days of jail credit.

According to court documents, Walter Stein Jr. ran a gaming tent at a Marathon gas station located in the 3800 block of N. High School Road on Indy’s northwest side. On the evening of Oct. 22, 2020, McCormick was found guilty of shooting and killing Stein.

McCormick reportedly was upset with Stein after losing more than $1,000 playing one of his gambling games.

Court documents reveal that McCormick reportedly spoke to an employee at the smoke shop attached to the gas station and complained about losing money to the gambling game in the parking lot. He asked the employee if they worked with Stein and after she said no, McCormick reportedly asked, “Then you don’t care if I shoot him, right?” before laughing.

Surveillance footage and witnesses placed McCormick at the gas station at the time of the shooting. Court documents also reveal that when police searched his property, multiple guns and ammunition were found that matched the cartridge casings found at the crime scene.

McCormick will be sentenced on Jan. 13.