INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man has been convicted months after he beat his girlfriend and put a loaded gun in her mouth.

In a probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Curtis Patterson, a detective with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said they were contacted by Patterson’s girlfriend, who said she was beaten by him.

The woman said the battery happened after Patterson saw messages on her phone and believed she was cheating on him. For days, she said he would slap her and pull out his gun. She thought he did that to scare her. He would eventually calm down, but the cycle would repeat.

The document said the woman told police that he took her phone and her daughter’s phone and would control their movements in the home. She said because she couldn’t call the police or her job she was fired for not showing up.

A few days after this started, the woman said Patterson unloaded the gun and hit her in the face and head area with the weapon. The next day, the document states the woman told police Patterson loaded the weapon and pointed it at her saying “you gonna make me kill you.”

The woman said Patterson put the loaded weapon in her mouth. The document said later on that day he told her to drive him around. While doing so, she said he called 911.

The document states a detective obtained two 911 calls made from Patterson’s phone number. In the calls it sounded like Patterson thought he was being followed and told dispatchers he was pulling over to make contact with an officer.

The woman told police that Patterson was talking with an officer, but she didn’t know where the firearm was. After he spoke with officers, the document said he got back in, made the second call and had her stop before running away.

The document said Patterson was arrested that night after being chased by police and breaking into a random home during the chase. A SWAT situation happened at that house before he could be taken into custody.

It was only after the woman found out that Patterson was in custody that the document said she felt safe enough to call the police about the battery. She told police that she was having flashbacks from the incident and felt unsafe staying where Patterson could find her.

On Tuesday, Curtis Patterson was convicted of criminal confinement, domestic battery, carrying a handgun without a license, intimidation, pointing a firearm, and two other counts of domestic battery. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for September 22.