MUNCIE, Ind. — A Delaware County man accused of writing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of bad checks faces a heap of additional charges after threatening text messages were traced back to the man including some aimed at a Muncie RE/MAX which led to the real estate business sending employees home out of safety concerns.

Richard E. Kellogg, 33, who has recently lived in both Yorktown and Muncie, was previously arrested on July 13 on several felony counts of fraud after passing out a string of bad checks.

But, according to court documents, his crimes didn’t stop there. Back in April, a couple contacted the Eaton Police Department after receiving threatening texts from an unknown number about their grandson.

The text messages, which were later traced back to Kellogg, contained numerous threats aimed at the couple’s family members due to their grandson “playing games on his debt,” according to Kellogg.

“Paying a debt is better (than) ten houses burning,” he reportedly texted the couple.

“Who is this?” the couple asked.

“The sickest dope dude in town,” he told them.

According to the various text messages, Kellogg threatened to burn numerous family members’ houses down including a grandmother. “See you soon granny!” he wrote.

Kellogg went as far as threatening to shoot children in the texts. “How many babies she got?” he asked about one relative. “Clip holds 30 rounds.”

Kellogg also reportedly told the couple that Eaton police were going to “have fun today.”

‘Your (sic) all dying by sunset,” Kellogg allegedly wrote.

Booking photo of Richard Kellogg (Delaware County Jail)

Court documents reveal that police were able to trace the text messages back to Kellogg and determined that Kellogg was also behind threats aimed at RE/MAX employees in Muncie which led to the business closing on April 14 out of safety concerns.

Kellogg’s threats to RE/MAX reportedly stemmed from his attempt to buy property through a RE/MAX agent that ultimately fell through due to his own financial issues, court documents detail. As part of his attempts, Kellogg is accused of making fraudulent vehicle sales that cost one victim $20,000 along with writing bad checks including one for $10,000.

A separate fraud case tied to Kellogg includes him using a $74,000 check to buy a Chevrolet Silverado from a dealership.

Court documents show that Kellogg constantly roped other victims into his fraud schemes such as borrowing $14,000 from someone claiming he needed to pay probation fees and then repaying the victim with bad checks.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Department previously issued a warning against Kellogg and claimed more victims of his check fraud may be out there. Anyone who received a check tied to Kellogg that did not clear due to insufficient funds is asked to contact the sheriff’s department at (765) 747-7881 and speak to Sgt. Matt Kubiak at extension 445.

Kellogg remains in Delaware County Jail on a $10,000 bond. In addition to his original fraud charges tied to his July 13 arrest, Kellogg now has charges in six separate Delaware County criminal cases.

In total, Kellogg faces eight counts of fraud, three counts of theft and three counts of intimidation.