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INDIANAPOLIS– Central Indiana’s top companies are welcoming over 600 interns in a first-of-its-kind internship program that combines real-world experience with opportunities to give back.

A program called ‘Indyfluence’ allows interns hired from around the country to experience the Circle City and get real-world experience.  

“We wanted to be one of the groundbreaking companies involved because we know how important it is and we believe in attracting talent to our beautiful city which is so important to us,” said Candy Gee, Global DNI Partner for Roche.

Roche is one of many local companies participating in the program.

“We had more than 550 interns last year and about 40 percent, about 200, accepted positions to come and work here and start their career and some had never been to Indianapolis,” Gee said.

The 2021 virtual Indyfluence program will engage more than 600 interns over the next month. 

They’ll be tasked with more than just networking and learning—interns will vote on a local non-profit to receive a $14,000 grant.

‘100 black men of Indianapolis’ was last year’s recipient.

“It was an honor and a privilege to be awarded those funds from those amazing young men and ladies from Indyfluence,” said Joseph Eldridge, Director of Operations for the mentorship organization.

He said the funds came at the perfect time and went towards bridging the technology divide during virtual learning.

From non-profit work to networking, ‘Indyfluence’ interns have the chance to experience the best Indianapolis has to offer.