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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s been a little more than two weeks since the North Split shut down, and already data is showing an increase in crashes on I-465.

“There’s a volume of traffic that goes through the North Split every single day, and with that being closed that volume of traffic has to go somewhere,” said Sgt. John Perrine with the Indiana State Patrol (ISP.) “Maybe they will get a little more comfortable in those routes, and we see crashes decrease.”

According to ISP data from the ARIES crash report system, there has been an uptick in accidents on 465 since the shutdown in mid-May. During this same time frame in 2017 and 2018, crashes were significantly less. 2019 also saw a spike in crashes as well, but the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) had a heavy construction season on 465.

“North Split itself, before the construction project when the interchange was open, averaged about 360 crashes a year,” detailed INDOT spokesperson Scott Manning. “You can think of that as about one crash a day.”

INDOT says it is hard to make a direct correlation between the North Split shutdown and the increase given the expanse of 465. Nonetheless, they are adding new technology to onramps in the coming weeks. The hope is it will reduce bottlenecks that cause can cause fender benders.

“Five onramps from local streets onto 465 will have technology in place looks like a temporary traffic signal,” explained. Manning. “It will have a red light and green light and a stop bar installed on the ramp.”

INDOT says the construction of the new North Split will reduce crashes in the future. They will be eliminating some of the weaving patterns that they believe caused accidents.