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INDIANAPOLIS — Kelsey Murphy of Fishers, winner of the recent season of “MasterChef: Legends,” is opening a restaurant in the Fishers Test Kitchen this month.

Murphy shared the news exclusively with FOX59 Morning, sitting down with Anchor Daniel Miller to explain the concept behind Inspo, as it will be called.

“This is going to be all the food and dishes that have inspired me along my journey, have challenged me and taught me how to be to a chef,” Murphy said. “This is kind of my tribute to Indy and to Fishers to show everybody my appreciation for all the support.”

The restaurant opens March 28.

kelsey murphy restaurant

Murphy said she’s creating new, original dishes that are familiar and approachable — but each with a chef-inspired twist.

If you’re not familiar with Fishers Test Kitchen, it is a launching pad for chefs who want to test a restaurant concept on a smaller scale before opening their own space. Chefs spend a year or two refining the menu and building a following before, ideally, leaving to launch an independent location.

To learn more about Murphy or try her recipes, visit her newly-launched website.

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