Indy’s Historic Preservation Commission to include LGBTQ community’s history in planning

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission identified 104 properties with LGBTQ significance following a 2016 Indiana Landmarks survey. The survey was intended to find historic properties across Marion County connected to the LGBTQ community’s past.

The criteria included civil rights, arts, health, businesses, organizations and homes. Meg Purnsley, IHPC Administrator, said the commission is working on a historic comprehensive update of all 17 historic areas.

“It’s always a win for everyone’s history to be included and right now, I think we’re at a place where we are able to document this history,” Purnsley said. “It was also the location of an attorney’s office that dealt with civil rights matters in the LGBTQ community.”

Monday, City-County Councilor Zach Adamson and seven other councilors, brought forth a resolution to support this initiative for the LGBTQ significant sites. It passed unanimously, as it did Wednesday before the IHPC.

Purnsley said some of the sites included in the preservation are the Quaker meeting house on Talbott Street, the former Talbott Street Theatre and the Marott Center on Massachusetts Avenue.

“In the 1980s up until the 2000s, that location was a location for a pharmacy that served people suffering from AIDS during the AIDS crisis,” Purnsley said.

Saturday, Adamson, Purnsley and members of Indiana Landmarks and the Indiana Historical Society will speak about the initiative on the main stage at the Indy Pride Festival. That begins at 12:05 p.m.

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