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EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Indiana’s oldest library is also America’s most haunted library.

William Carpenter began building Willard Library in Evansville in 1881.

He was a businessman and devoted public servant, but he had nothing to do with his own three children. In fact, he told his daughter Louise she would receive nothing when he died.

Carpenter passed away after suffering a stroke in 1883—two years before the library was complete. He left all of his money to public charity.

The library was a bitter reminder to his family that he loved the city more than them.

Fifty years after the library opened, a custodian quit his job after seeing a ghost of a woman in a gray dress and shawl. Patrons and employees have seen the apparition hundreds of times since. They’ve named her the Grey Lady.

Some people say her appearance is accompanied by a strong scent of musky perfume.  Others say they’ve witnessed water faucets and lights turning on and off.  She’s also known to move books and furniture.

The library received so many reports of sightings they installed web cams so people around the world can search for her.

No one knows for sure who the Grey Lady is, but many believe it’s Carpenter’s daughter Louise still holding a grudge against her father.

Willard Library is open to the public, so you can search for the Grey Lady in person.  They’re even hosting free Grey Lady ghost tours throughout the month of October.