Indy's nearly 100 unsolved homicide cases in 2019 underscore need for community's information and tips

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department recently released its 2019 Homicides Report, giving details of the 171 homicide cases in the city for 2019. According to an IMPD spokesperson on Monday, 97 cases are still unsolved.

IMPD said, "We have a strong suspect in a majority of our cases due to the dedication and skills of our Detectives." Both officers and the Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana said the communities' eyes and ears often hold key information which leads to an arrest.

"We're trying to give people that avenue where maybe you know one little piece of information and that's the thing that puts the puzzle together," Dan Rosenberg of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana said.

Crime Stoppers gives people the option to call the anonymous tip line at 317-262-TIPS which hopefully leads to an arrest by law enforcement.

"We have started to see an increase this last year actually," Rosenberg said. "We've hit record numbers across the board. We're up 10-20 percent."

Rosenberg said sometimes people have the information detectives need, but they hesitate to bring that forward.

"This is where we want to help fill the gap," Rosenberg said. "This is where we want to make a little bit of a difference."

Josmira Medina hopes people will come forward with information about the death of her sister, Rossy Medina-Saravia, and her fiance, German Orantes. Someone shot and killed them on November 2, 2019, inside their home on the 1000 block of North Waldemere Avenue on the city's west side.

"They were getting ready to get married and they were planning a wedding," Medina told FOX59.

Medina said without answers, it is agony for her family as they wait.

"It's horrible," Medina said. "It's horrible just to wake up every day."

Medina mourns the life her sister who was 19 and Orantes, 21, could have lived.

"Rossy was getting ready to start real estate courses and take her state exam to become a realtor," Medina said. "I believe German was finishing school."

If anyone can remember anything about Nov. 2 on North Waldemere Avenue, the family is begging you to come forward.

"It's really important," Medina said. "It's important for both families, not just us."

Medina told FOX59 the family is considering raising the reward money total. Currently, Crime Stoppers is offering up to $1,000 for information that could help police make an arrest in the case.

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