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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Drivers around Indianapolis are hoping for some relief from potholes this week as the city begins an aggressive pothole blitz.

This is the second pothole blitz of the year. The problem has been so bad that Mayor Joe Hogsett declared an emergency last week.

The Department of Public Works will have a full callout starting Monday morning. Crews will hit the streets and use a hot mix to make repairs. They won’t be alone—contractors are also being called in to help.

Last week, Hogsett proposed a $14 million fix to the city’s pothole woes. The money includes $13 million from the city’s “rainy day” fund. The other $1 million comes from DPW’s budget. Hogsett said temperatures swings in January and February have contributed to the problem.

“Unlike traditionally where we have reportedly holes where we fill the hole and then move on, this week we’re going to be starting on a street and working the entire street so the whole thing is done,” said DPW Director Dan Parker. 

DPW has received more than 12,000 service requests for pothole and has used “quick fixes” and cold patches to make repairs. The department also conducted a four-day blitz from Jan. 30 through Feb. 2.

“With the hot mix we’re going to be able to have a more lasting mix down into the holes. Our hope is to nail as many as we can,” Parker added. 

In addition to the hot mix, crews will also use a technique called “strip patching,” where asphalt is applied to the road instead of having crews fill individual potholes along a particularly bad stretch.

You can report a pothole through the Request Indy website or by calling the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622.

Here are the locations scheduled for repairs Monday:

  • 10th Street, West 700 to West 1700
  • 10th Street, West 5200 to West 6700
  • 21st Street, West 8000 to West 9700
  • 38th Street, East 8000 to West 12000
  • 52nd Street, Meridian Street to East 1500
  • 52nd Street, Meridian Street to West 6300
  • 71st Street, West 100 to West 6700
  • Brill Road, 3000 to 4000
  • College Avenue, North 1000 to North 9600
  • Cordova Drive, 6600 to 6800
  • East Street, South 1000 to South 5000
  • Edgewood Avenue, East 700 to 900 and East 4000 to 9100
  • Fall Creek Road, 7900 to 9600
  • Franklin Road, 2100 to 3400
  • Grandview Drive, 5100 to 7100
  • Hague Road, North 7500 to North 9600
  • Hold Road, South 400 to South 1800
  • Keystone Avenue, South 1100 to South 5000
  • Keystone Avenue, North 7100 to North 9600
  • Mann Road, 3400 to 8000
  • Maze Road, 8500 to 11500
  • Morris Street, West 1000 to West 5000
  • Redfern Drive, East 2300 to East 2500 and South 3700 to South 4000
  • Shelbyville Road, 2000 to 8500
  • Southport Road, East 6000 to East 9800
  • Thompson Road, East 500 to East 7800
  • Thompson Road, West 2000 to West 4800
  • Troy Avenue, East 1500 and East 4100 to East 4700
  • Warman Avenue, South 100 to South 800
  • Wicker Road, 2300 to 3600