Injured student undergoes surgery following bus accident

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Parents rushed to Lighthouse Charter School following a fatal bus accident Monday morning.

Michael Hobbs got the call that his children had been injured shortly after the accident.

“Me and my wife tore up the house trying to get dressed,” said Hobbs. “I have got to go clean that up, but other than that, it was a heartbreaking, rough morning.”

Three of his children, 14-year-old LaNea, 6-year-old NeVeah and 9-year-old Michael Watkins, were all on the Lighthouse Charter School Bus when it crashed.

“They have never been through anything like this before, so I’ve got to mentor them through that so far,” said Hobbs.

The girls were shaken up, but nothing severe. Michael Watkins’ injuries were more serious, though.

“He broke his femur bone and he’s about to go through surgery,” said Hobbs. “He has a couple of scratches on his face, but he is in good spirits.”

Hobbs sad his thoughts now shift to the family of victims who were not as lucky, including bus driver Thomas Spencer.

“We never had any problems with him,” said Hobbs. “The kids called him ‘Santa Claus’ because he was an older guy with a beard.”

Now Hobbs and his three kids are left wondering how this all happened.

“The kids were talking to him and then he just stopped talking and that is how everything went to pieces,” said Hobbs.

Donasty Smith, 5, also died from injuries sustained in the accident.

In all, 10 students were taken to Wishard Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Of those 10 children, six were treated and released.

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