Injured teen forgives driver who hit him, left him on side of road

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — A teenager is home recovering just days after someone hit him and left him on the side of the road.

16-year-old De’Shawn Nance’s Sunday started off in church and ended in a hospital.

“I felt myself being flung in the air,” said De’Shawn.

The teenager was riding his bike with a friend on their way to a birthday party. The two were along State Road 13. De’Shawn says by the time he saw a driver nearly hit his friend, it was too late.

“I tried to turn out of the way because I knew it was going to hit me,” said De’Shawn.

A tire and part of the bike’s frame ended up stuck under a fence, and the other twisted tire landed feet away. De’Shawn’s friend called for help, and when they looked around, the driver was gone.

“I thought they were just cowards because they just left,” said De’Shawn.

De’Shawn’s broken leg is wrapped in a bandage, and he has some other injuries too. But his focus is on getting better, not on getting mad.

“I have to find it in my heart to forgive him because if I just stayed angry at the driver the whole time, that wouldn’t have done any good for me,” said De’Shawn.

De’Shawn’s mother admits it took her longer to think the same.

“That’s my baby. It’s not a raccoon. It’s not an opossum. That’s my baby you hit,” said Ra’Shina Nance.

Instead of a message to the driver, De’Shawn’s mother has a few questions.

“Do you have children or grandchildren? What if somebody did that to you? How would you feel,” said Ra’Shina.

De’Shawn isn’t even a month into his junior year of high school. With crutches by his side, this tough teenager’s perspective is pretty powerful.

“Life doesn’t give a lot of second chances, and I got a second chance, but a lot of people don’t. I have to be thankful for what I’ve got,” said De’Shawn.

Officials with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office are asking people on State Road 13 between Fall Creek Drive and County Road 900 South to check their home surveillance cameras. Investigators believe the car was silver or gray and has some damage to the front passenger side.

If you have any information about the crash and/or video footage call 765-649-8310.

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